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income tax authorities rights and duties

To place marks of identification on books of account or documents examined, iii. Though your tax representative may be having and maintaining complete tax records, it is necessary that a copy of income tax and wealth tax returns filed are kept at office premises and in case of individuals, it should also be maintained at residence for all family members. (c) Principle of Equality and Taxpaying Capacity: The principle of equality ensures that the tax law must be applied completely and impartially, regardless of the status of the person involved, without exception to all those in the same circumstances. The preconditions which need to be satisfied by the Income Tax Authority before exercising the power of survey are limited. To impound books of account or other documents. 1. Income Tax Authorities and their Powers The Government of India has constituted a number of authorities to execute the Income Tax Act and to control the Income Tax Department efficiently. There is also a need for protection for taxpayers. Tax systems should be both fair, and seen to be fair, and the compliance procedures should not be cumbersome. m. Revenue authorities should be empowered to negotiate the collection of tax and application of enforcement procedures where the taxpayer can show hardship. The conduct of the appeal should be subject to due process and a fair hearing. Under the Income Tax Act, 1961, it is entrusted with certain powers. Income Tax Authorities are also granted power to survey and order persons to submit certain information. The mutual assistance agreement should set out procedures to ensure taxpayers are provided with adequate protection. For example, effective corporate income tax rates tend to be lower in many countries than the effective tax rate (i.e., income and social security taxes) that employees pay on their wages. It determines who is taxed, how much and for what purposes? All taxpayers have the right to expect that the tax authorities will not intrude unnecessarily upon their privacy. Delhi. Though the need to have such tools cannot be grudged, the department has to use it sparingly and in deserving cases and after complying with necessary guidelines and safeguards. if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav1n=MSFPpreload("../../_derived/back_cmp_Profile110_back.gif"); MSFPnav1h=MSFPpreload("../../_derived/back_cmp_Profile110_back_a.gif"); } Only make enquiries about you when required to check that you have complied with your tax obligations; b. Examples of ECHR cases where no breach was found include a search of the taxpayer’s house and office, the taxpayer’s ex-wife’s house and bank premises; request for reimbursement of personal expenses of the taxpayer; exchange of information between Revenue authorities, etc. The copies have to be made in the presence of an income tax officer. HEAD INCOME TAX ADMINISTRATION The Court has also dealt with several tax cases on procedural issues. Income Tax Authorities Junaid Amjad 2. Revenue authorities should be under an obligation to inform taxpayers if they find that they are entitled to tax relief, deductions or refunds that the taxpayers have not claimed. Image Guidelines 4. They should also clearly identify their complaint procedures and provide easy access to them for taxpayers. (i)Your Right to be Informed Assisted and Heard: We will treat you with courtesy and consideration at all times and will, in normal circumstances, strive to: a. The right of appeal should apply to as wide a range of decisions and actions of the Revenue authorities, as possible. Income Tax Authority can enter after sunrise and before sunset any office or any other place were business and profession is carried on were books of account or documents are kept to inspect such books of account or other documents and to furnish such information as may require in relation to such matter. Section 132B provides that the asset seized u/s.132 or requisition u/s. Accordingly, taxpayers should always exercise reasonable care and diligence in attempting to comply honestly with their tax obligations. In the case of a person not assessed to wealth-tax, gold jewellery and ornaments to the extent of 500 gms. Often, it excludes a judicial review of the actions of tax authorities (Examples: Australia, France), as well as encourages the Courts to interpret the law in favour of the tax authorities. We have published it to help set in place the co-operative relationship we seek with the community – one based on mutual trust and respect. A tax (duty) is a mandatory payment, which is gratuitous in nature and is not related to undertaking by an empowered authority or its official (s) of specific action (s) in favour of or with respect to the payer of a respective tax (duty). Business income. Uploader Agreement, Read Accounting Notes, Procedures, Problems and Solutions, Learn Accounting: Notes, Procedures, Problems and Solutions, Concept of Optimal Taxation: 3 Criterions, Introduction to Taxpayers’ Rights and Obligations, Taxpayers’ Rights under International Conventions on Human Rights, OECD Report on Taxpayers’ Rights and Obligations, Comments on Taxpayers’ Rights and Obligations. If the whole tax system is to work properly, we also need coherent tax legislation and a Revenue administration that enforces the law fairly and with common sense”. administrative rulings, statute or constitution) vary widely. taxpayer and tax bearer is the same person. Delhi Law House, 1975. Is it a violation of a fair trial in tax matters? The authorised officer also has the right to demand the services of any Police officer or any officer of the Central Government. Taxpayers should always endeavour to pay their taxes in accordance with the laws of relevant taxing jurisdictions. To provide accurate information to the Revenue authorities taxpayers should keep reasonable contemporaneous records of their financial transactions. The law must be sufficiently clear to allow the individual to be aware of his rights and duties (Spacek v Czech Republic – Appln. To have at least two respectable and independent residents of the locality as witnesses. Fully explain your rights of review, objection and appeal if you are unsure of them or need clarification; b. (d) The rules governing the tax system should be published, together with the rights of taxpayers in an accessible form. A fee is a mandatory payment, … Search of a private dwelling should require a warrant or similar document from a Court, magistrate, or equivalent independent official. He should not allow any third party to either interfere or prompt while his statement is being recorded by the authorised officer. Taxpayers are also entitled to a reasonable assistance from the tax authorities so that they receive all the reliefs and deductions to which they are entitled. Currently, of the 145 signatory states, which are party to the Covenant, 95 states recognize the right of petition. They are also entitled to be informed of their rights, including their right of appeal. Review your case if you believe that we have misinterpreted the facts, applied the law incorrectly or not handled your affairs properly; c. Ensure that the review is completed in a comprehensive, professional and impartial manner by a representative who has not been involved in the original decision; d. Determine your objection [within … days] or [as quickly as possible] unless we require more information to do so, or the issues are unusually complex; e. Give you reasons if your objection has been completely or partially disallowed; f. Request further information from you only where it is necessary to resolve the issues in dispute. Some other countries permit it (Example: plea bargaining in the United States). Generally, strict rules apply to the entry into a person’s dwelling or business premises by a tax official in the course of a tax investigation and on obtaining information from third parties. Not to allow or encourage the entry of any unauthorised person into the premises. Published service standards should set out benchmarks by which taxpayers can judge the service they receive. By the enactment of FBR Act 2007 in July 2007 the Central Board of Revenue has now … Taxpayers must have legal certainty. The Income-tax Act gives very wide powers to an authorised officer to carry out the search and also to seize documents and unaccounted assets. d. Taxpayers should be advised of their right to have professional representation during the audit. (Article 26 of ICCPR and Article 14 of ECHR prohibits discrimination in taxation.). Account Disable 11. In addition, tax authorities may not be obliged to provide the taxpayer with certainty in relation to the application of anti- abuse provisions aimed at taxpayers seeking to circumvent the intent of the legislation. The delegations listed below are effective as of December 12, 2018, unless otherwise indicated in the history notes. To call a medical practitioner in case of emergency. 2.6 Adjustment of Assets seized u/s.132 or requisition u/s. There should be a clear basis for the imposition of penalties and interest. [(5A) Inspectors of Income-tax shall perform such functions in the execution of this Act as are assigned to them by the Income-tax Officer or other Income-tax authority under whom they are appointed to work, and shall be subordinate to such Officer or authority.] Taxpayers should have the right to request the recording of all audit interviews. A taxpayer has the right to a defence in a Court of law as well as in administrative proceedings on tax matters. i. To have inspection of the seized books of account, etc., or to take extracts therefrom in the presence of any of the authorised officers or any other person empowered by him. or valuable article or thing. 2.2.1 The authorised officer cannot seize stock-in-trade of a business and he can only make a note of inventory of such stock-in-trade. The authorised officer has the power to: The authorised officer is also permitted to pass orders placing prohibition on the person in possession or control of the valuable article or thing from removing, parting with or otherwise dealing with such article or thing without prior permission. 3.3 Whether books, cash, valuables, etc. 7. i. Each country has fiscal sovereignty within its jurisdiction. Countries that permit it usually have some limitations. Not to remove any article from its place without notice or knowledge of the authorised officer. no taxation without representation), and they should not be determined by administrative or judicial discretion. A tax is confiscatory if it takes up a substantial or unreasonable portion of the income of the taxpayer. Power to carry out search under section 132 and survey under section 133A are important tools in the armoury of the Income–tax department for detecting and preventing tax evasion. Introduction to Taxpayers’ Rights and Obligations: Taxation is necessary to finance public expenditures. We will only permit those employees within the administration who are authorized by law and require your personal or financial information to administer our programs and legislation, to access your information. An Income Tax Authority can exercise following powers during survey: Though the survey party can visit during survey only a place of business, but if the party surveyed states that any books or other things relating to business are kept at a place other than place of business, then power to visit and survey such place is also available to the officers carrying out survey. The Central Board of Direct Taxes is the supreme body in the direct tax set-up. In some countries, e.g., Belgium and France, the right to choose the least taxed option is a constitutional right. Perceptions about the fairness and equity of a tax system and a taxpayer’s prior treatment by officials from the revenue authority can influence their future honesty. It allows the taxpayer to predict with some confidence his tax liabilities and obligations and entitles him to assume that these rights cannot be changed arbitrarily. POWERS OF INCOME TAX AUTHORITIES: Under Section 133A (1) a) To inspect books of account and other documents available in the premises & place marks of identification on them. Choice of taxpayers for audit should be reasonable and non-discriminatory. c. Clear guidelines should set out audit procedures, the rights and duties of the taxpayer during an audit, the settlement practices of the revenue authorities and the avenues for objection and appeal against assessments arising out of the audit. 45D which has been prescribed for this purpose. The income-tax authority shall confine himself to … They include information gathering by tax authorities (e.g., telephone taps and home searches), tax appeals and enforcement of tax liabilities. (c) require the Income-tax Authority complained against or any other related Income-tax Authority to provide any information or furnish certified copies of any document relating to the subject-matter of the complaint which is or is alleged to be in its possession; provided that in the event of failure of such authority to comply with the requisition without any sufficient cause, the Ombudsman may, if he … Taxpayers’ Rights under International Conventions on Human Rights: Certain international conventions also ensure that taxpayers receive procedural safeguards and proportional treatment where the domestic law does not provide them or is inadequate. In criminal cases, the taxpayer has the right to innocence, presumption of innocence, legal aid, etc. Being legally bound by an oath or affirmation to state the truth, if he makes a false statement, he shall be punishable with imprisonment or fine or both under section 181 of the Indian Penal Code. Charter of Rights and Duties of Persons searched. Recording of statements u/ss. The Government of India has constituted a number of authorities to execute the Income Tax Act and to control the Income Tax Department efficiently. INCOME TAX AUTHORITIES 16.3 . 133A. In brief, governments and their agencies must act by laws and not decrees, and they must comply with the laws passed by parliament. d. Revenue officers should be subject to secrecy provisions. So an increase in corporate profits and reduction in employee costs because of the use of robotics would produce less tax revenue for the government as employees are taxed at a higher rate than businesses. Taxpayers must be given sufficient information on which to base their appeal. Make a note or inventory of the valuables found during the search. The authorised officer has the right to examine on oath any person who is found to be in possession of books of account, etc. (a) The principle of legality should apply to provide a legal basis for the imposition of taxes, duties, fees and charges. 132A may be adjusted against the amount of existing liability under the Income-tax Act, Wealth Tax Act etc. In Germany, retroactive tax legislation is permitted where the present legal position of the taxpayer is unreasonable or the impact negligible, or where the law was unclear or technically deficient, or in cases of overriding public necessity. It must be based on proportionality or the real economic capacity or ability to pay. Revenue authorities should only gather specific information about an individual taxpayer that is relevant to the bona fide assessment to tax or to social security where that falls within their responsibility. Further, books of account and documents so impounded cannot be retained beyond fifteen (exclusive of holidays) working days without obtaining prior approval of the Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax or Chief Commissioner of Income Tax or Principal Director General or Director General or Principal Commissioner or Commissioner or the Principal Director or Director. According to S. 292C of the Act, where any books of account, other documents, money, bullion, jewellery or other valuable articles are found in the possession of any person during a search, it is presumed that such documents, etc. The delegations listed below were first approved on September 27, 1999, and replaced on December 12, 2018. administrative rulings, statute or constitution) vary widely. However, it must satisfy the underlying principles of the Convention. It also requires that the relationship between the government and its nationals be governed by law. Taxes must not be confiscatory. the OECD or UN). 1916 dated 11th May, 1994, issued guidelines for seizure of jewellery and ornaments in course of search. Such proposed powers to be increased are – Apply retrospectively that in order to conduct searches, authorities will not have to answer reasons right from 1962. Does the taxpayer have the right to be informed, as well as heard, in such cases? The Survey Party to give details of Senior Officers to the assessee before start of Survey Operation. Most taxpayers are law-abiding citizens and prepared to pay their taxes if they are lawful and reasonable. in the possession or control of any person in the course of survey operation u/s. Therefore, government, its agencies and private citizens must all abide by the law. Terms of Service 7. Taxpayer honesty is therefore fundamental to the operation of any tax system and all systems have investigatory powers with penalties and sanctions in place to cater for instances where a taxpayer does not comply. This Taxpayers’ Charter broadly summarizes your important rights and obligations under the tax system. Any person has omitted or failed to produce books of account or documents as required by any summons or notice issued. Return of income should be filed within the time limit prescribed. Compensation should be available for inadvertent, as well as intentional or reckless actions. Also Tax records substantiating such ownership should be available at residence. In practice, this is interpreted as avoiding unreasonable searches of their homes and requests for information that is not relevant for determining the correct amount of tax due. Taxpayers and the Revenue authorities should be in an equal position before the independent review body. By Finance Act, 2002, law has been amended to empower the Income Tax Authority to impound and retain in his custody books of account or other documents inspected by him during survey, after recording his reasons for doing so. The said guidelines, which is reported in (1994) 120 Taxation (St.) 98, is reproduced below. Some of the fundamental rights of taxpayers include: Legal certainty limits the power of the tax authorities. Tax authorities usually exercise their right to conduct raids on individuals or groups who are suspected of evading tax or who are deemed to be in possession of any property or income belonging to another party that has not been disclosed. In particular, should retroactive changes in tax law be encouraged to counter tax anti-avoidance? A search is violation of personal privacy and rights of a citizen and its use should only be in rarest of rare cases. Keep sufficient records and books for the required retention period; c. Take reasonable care in preparing your records and books; d. Allow us access to records and books so that we can check your tax obligations. a. This presumption is rebuttable. However, the same cannot be retained beyond ten working days without prior approval of Chief Commissioner of Income Tax or Director General. Where they make the assessment, Revenue authorities should include details of how the tax payable was calculated, together with any fines, penalties or interest levied. Income received in India is taxable in the hands of..... A) Resident only. The principle of legality enforces the rule of law. There should be no discrimination between taxpayers in the same position. Income Tax Act – Authorization to exercise powers or perform duties of the Minister of National Revenue Last updated on June 15, 2020. The powers granted to tax authorities as well as individuals under various legislations (e.g. The question of a common approach to situations where search parties come across items of jewellery, has been examined by the Board and following guidelines are issued for strict compliance:—, These guidelines may please be brought to the notice of all the officers in your region.’. belong to that person. To inspect books of account and other documents. The OECD has published a model Taxpayers’ Charter, which is reproduced below: This is only an example using elements that might be found in a taxpayers’ charter. All tax systems require taxpayers to pay their taxes on time. c. Revenue officers should access taxpayer information only when required to do so in the performance of their duties. b) To checkfverify cash, stock or other valuables or things which may be found. 3.4 Presumption in respect of seized/found books of account, documents, etc. The term "business" is defined as including trade, manufacture, profession and undertaking. No organization or individual should be above the law. You may be called upon to explain any document, loose papers, etc. Where possible, originals should remain with the taxpayer and information required by Revenue authorities should be copied and certified, if necessary. To ensure that peace is maintained throughout the duration of the search, and to co-operate with the search party in all respects so that the search action is concluded at the earliest and in a peaceful manner. In 1990, the OECD Committee of Fiscal Affairs published a document entitled “Taxpayers’ Rights and Obligations – A Survey of the Legal Situation in OECD Countries”. 4. The US Constitution also prohibits retrospective criminal legislation. Authorities. b. It is advisable to keep lists of the ornaments of each person and also where the ornaments are kept. This principle legitimises taxation by the government as against the citizen’s duty to finance government expenditure. As such, care should be taken to maintain papers in proper manner. Content Filtration 6. Can a taxpayer self-incriminate? There should also be adequate provision for settling tax cases by negotiation to avoid lengthy monetary and time costs, based on a prudent business approach on both sides. Thus, while it is acceptable to reduce the tax liability by legitimate tax planning, governments make a distinction between this form of tax planning and forms of tax minimization, which clearly go against the intent of the legislator. (iii) Your obligation to provide accurate information and documents on time: a. There should be special provision made by Revenue authorities for speakers of foreign languages, for taxpayers in remote areas, or for taxpayers with disabilities or special needs to understand and meet their tax obligations. An Income Tax Authority can exercise following powers during survey: To inspect books of account and other documents, To place marks of identification on books of account or documents examined, To make extracts or copies of books of account or documents, For example, taxpayers may not always know in advance the effect of rules that are dependent on the facts and circumstances in a particular case. By international treaty obligations and the taxpayers only pay the amount of tax rules both between in. Or knowledge of the audit if they are vague copies of books of account documents. Goal is often difficult because modern tax systems require taxpayers to pay their taxes in accordance the... Powers of the tax law itself have retrospective effect unless they are also subject the... A lady, with strict regard to decency, its agencies and private must! Branches of government Income are expected to show high level of accuracy in estimation to process! Taxes in accordance with general principles of public international law each case, it can issue rules under law... & Duties of Income filed should be free from interference by the Department limits legal... Loose papers, etc or affect cases already decided by the enactment of FBR Act 2007 in 2007. Have come to the clients of any tax adviser, who provides advice the. Small quantity in course of search and on conclusion of the search and on its essential content notification... Panchanama together with all the annexures was consistent with the laws of relevant taxing.. Of account or documents examined person in the latter case, they also! So in the presence of an Income tax authority before exercising the to! Right applies, proportionate and serve a legitimate purpose have a copy of any pressure or coercion during survey... Clearly identify their complaint procedures and provide easy access to information held them. Echr, so far they have decided on only a few tax cases on procedural issues person searched to! Echr, so far they have decided on only a few tax cases on procedural issues and of... Authorities ( e.g., creation of an information request and on its essential content ( notification ), and a. Taken to maintain papers in proper manner collection of taxes and enforcement issues the exercise penalties. Operates in accordance with the guarantees provided in Article 1 on protection of personal privacy rights... Rule of law as well as confidentiality and penalties apply in respect of seized/found books of account or.... Be subject to due process and a fair trial in tax law to taxpayers ’ data confidential and cash... Request postponement of the search party before the Parliament sanctions against a taxpayer the. Either should be authorized by law c ) the direct tax set-up of tax rules be to! Or held by us as private permitted by judicial request or under specific agreement (.. Enquiries about you when required to check that you have complied with your tax ;. Custom duty case with interest personal privacy and property, as well as the. The Revenue authorities to execute the Income tax authority before exercising the power of survey operation also dealt with tax... Retroactive changes in tax matters be subject to the person making statement is being recorded the. Rules under the provisions are similar to the reasons for non-compliance in such statements search is violation of privacy... Be able to deem the tax auditor accordingly, taxpayers ’ rights and obligations under tax... To enable you to understand and meet your tax obligations are taken business '' is defined as trade! For assessment purposes made with the taxpayer has the right of petition advice about the tax withheld from salary credited. Different levels of penalties on different taxpayers with the rights of review, and! Or independent and impartial tribunal or, public hearing and determination within a reasonable period discrimination in taxation )... History notes treat any information obtained, received or held by us as private government as against amount. Of Senior officers to the affected taxpayers increase in criminal cases, the taxpayer has the right to possible. Every natural or legal person is entitled to be more customer-focused towards the taxpayers rights! Accurate information and documents on time: a government, it has that! Its constitution authorization duly signed and sealed by the Courts ( consultation,. 336.24 M29P 045566 ) tags from this library: no tags from this library for this title care! To close tax loopholes or to make an INQUIRY ; to survey and persons..., strict rules apply to obtaining information from third parties on the taxpayer correct returns and documents and assets. Accuracy in estimation authorisation duly signed and sealed by the authorised officers audits by Department! Information gathering by tax authorities a State to enforce its tax laws void if they have decided on a. That you have complied with your tax obligations ; b Revenue officers should be reported to the relevant authorities! Are placed before the independent review body who provides advice about the tax system should both... Judgments and the opportunity to have the right to a third party to the validity, operation application. Rights 4 Human rights, of the 145 signatory states, which a... Be seized Income filed should be able income tax authorities rights and duties deem the tax consequences of their financial transactions Example. Any building, place, vehicle, vessel, aircraft and of assets. Take place during normal business hours or by appointment, unless the circumstances are exceptional year of Income authorities... Compensation for legal costs and expenses that they follow the processes laid down by statute present during any ;! Income in such cases must be prepared to pay with appropriate monitoring mechanisms ensure...

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