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José Vázquez
+34 692 81 79 76
I was born
9 November 1987
Street Las Ventas 1 , Marbella, Málaga

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Over more than 10 years, I gained a great experience in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP technologies, always thinking of UX as a basic point to consider in a project, whatever it’s core. Passionate about new technologies and constantly evolving, I love team building and facing new challenges day by day.


With training in “Technician of Exploitation of Computer Systems”, I acquired the experience oriented to the web and mobile with face-to-face courses, in the same company where I worked or self-learning on platforms with educational pills related to a specific language.


From an early age I created Bigpyx to start a journey as a web developer and start capturing SMEs, it was the only way in Córdoba to be able to differentiate myself from the rest and get the project. But there is a possible “indefinite” hiring opportunity in Madrid for an entrepreneur I met, with enough investment to carry out 19 E-Commerce platforms, geared towards the most powerful market niches of the moment: online coupons, travel agencies , clothing stores, tarot and seers, e-commerce for adults, among others.


At this time, the opportunity arises to join Birchmangroup, a consulting firm in Madrid, where I have been able to continue growing in each and every aspect of my profile.


I started as a UX consultant specialized in JavaScript for a project for JTI, based on a development of 0 in JavaScript with HighchartsJS and Oracle OBIEE, which consisted of creating custom boards with graphics in the exact design required by the client.


In parallel, I participated in the redesign and implementation of the new appearance of Jazztel, using tools such as photoshop and its subsequent integration into Liferay (version community).


I was able to complete the complete design from scratch from designs previously established by the client, the first version of Campus Online UNIR,


In 2015, for a year and a half I was dedicated to the implementation of the entire web application for transactions of private banks and companies, in BHD León, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, which allowed Frontend to continue with HTML5, CSS3 and JS implementations. against a Java BackEnd in IBM Websphere Portal 8.1 in this case. After starting the project, I participated in the definition and development of mobile architecture with IONIC and Angular JS


In the second half of 2016 until the first half of 2017, I had the opportunity to participate in the B2B migration of PepeJeans and Hackett, from Magento to SAP Hybris. Participating fully in FrontEnd development tasks with JavaScript technologies and HTML5 and CSS3 layout.


It was from June 2017 when I decided to take the step to be a Freelance and work on a project, in order to grow the Bigpyx brand that I had created a few years ago.


I begin to provide Avanzo E-Learning services as a Fullstack Developer oriented to mobile devices, in which from a product called Conecto, with its own PHP framework with a template manager similar to Smarty and ORM already defined, I participate in maintenance and evolution tasks of the different versions for the different Avanzo clients.


It is at the end of 2017 when the company’s product began to evolve on the mobile channel, called Clips4Learning, developed on the IONIC Creator web platform, starting with the development and production architecture, up to 2 functionalities such as the integration of a PDF evaluation of the Engine and student made with technologies such as IONIC 1, TypeScript, NodeJS, Grunt, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3.


With the release of the Clips4Learning version in February of this year, and taking advantage of the interruption of the project, it is when I dedicate my effort to look for more projects and start making my own product with the Bigpyx label.


I decided to create LocalizeMe, a social network based on the geolocation of people, currently present in GooglePlay and AppStore in a version 1.0.8, in a “controlled pilot” environment since March 28.


LocalizeMe is based on IONIC3, Angular 4, with a PHP REST API connected to MySQL.


Continuing on the way to work and continue applying new concepts I was collaborating in VASS, from the offices of Barcelona for the creation from 0 of the project “The Judicial Seu” with Angular 5 consuming a REST API published in Java Spring.


Once the project was over I joined the CST (Cryptosolartech) project in its offices in Malaga, discovering the entire ecosystem surrounding cryptomining and new financial instruments. I started as a Frontend ReactJS developer doing the cryptocurrency exchange platform for computing power of the mining farm that the company had. And as time progressed I ended up managing the development team as the company’s CTO. This project was exciting until it ended for reasons of viability.


It was time in January 2019, to resume the road with Bigpyx, the brand that had created years ago, renew it and serve new customers.


With the support of a partner from Mexico, we have focused on Bigpyx in Mexico as a digital marketing agency made for the medical sector. We mainly offer to increase visibility on the Internet and social networks through Ads campaigns and 24/7 customer service, mainly to Doctors, Cabinets, Clinics and Hospitals.


We have developed a low-cost business model that allows us to support BigpyxMX clients and generate potential clients for each of them with the main objective of obtaining medical appointments.


Now is the time to keep looking forward, and let Bigpyx walk alone with the least intervention on my part, testing different aspects developed in the last year.


I am looking for projects that continue to increase my knowledge, and new challenges that multiply my skills, putting them to the test will be decided in the future.


What he has done who I am today!

And Yes, I risked and won


Business Development & Software

Business development focused on digital marketing on the medical sector, based on WordPress, Facebook Ads and follow-up management of potential clients. Tools based on PHP, ReactJS, Vue2 are created to analyze the metrics and keep track of them, in order to have their own ERP.

Frontend Developer

Development in ReactJS, PostgreSQL, for projects on the Ethereum blockchain, based on crypto mining, exchanges and financial investments, together with the management of a team of up to 10 people in Mexico, Argentina and Spain.

Freelance Fullstack JS

Development of web application “Single Page Application” based on Angular 5 consuming a Java-based API and developed by the other team members, all for the legal sector.

Freelance Fullstack Developer

Development of the main product of the company and its customers, with evolutionary projects based on layout and integration of full responsive designs.

Desarrollo y puesta en producción de la app Clips4Learning, actualizada para Android e iOS

Team Lead

Developer oriented to the Banking sector, Dominican Republic, focused on providing functionality to the existing model, using web technologies such as Backbone or jQuery, in addition to other Javascript libraries. Applying for the first time SCRUM as an agile work methodology.

All developments were integrated and deployed on the IBM Webshpere Portal.

Developer JS

Creation, development and integration of dashboards with graphics with HighchartsJS in which various information extracted from the Oracle OBIEE BI is represented, with HTML5 technologies, JavaScript, with its subsequent output to PDF, based on custom developments with technologies such as ASP .NET


Creation and development of the corporate portal, and subsequent maintenance on evolutionary, on a platform like Liferay. Using technologies such as PHP, Javascript, with the support of different libraries of these technologies mentioned above.

Programmer for the first time 🙂

Graphic and Web Designer, to present the sketches of the websites with their respective corporate images and related material (E-mail Signatures, Invoices, Tickets, PDF …). Layout and developer, for the implementation of the previous sketches, and developer regarding the integration of new features.

Designed and Administrator of the sites, as for the sales that will be made.

Online Marketing campaign management in Google Adwords .

Systems Administrator & Helpdesk
Systems Administrator

Support and Administration of the incidents generated by the users, renewal of the computer park, resolution of incidents Level 1 and on site, on Systems incidents.

Management and administration of a park of more than 400 computers, including RF terminals, throughout Spain, with 6 data servers, and 3 servers dedicated to financial transactions

Experience gained over the years

Kilometers of distance

I count the distance by thousands;)

Grade Received

September 2002 to May 2004

After learning on my own and the step came to obtain the basic official theory, by the Fco institute. From Fco. Los Ríos in Córdoba, I obtain the degree of Computer Systems Exploitation, with which I can and officially start working as a computer scientist: D


Advanced Web Design Course

January 2009

I begin to fix the knowledge obtained by my account through tutorials and small deliveries to clients, through an intensive course of 700 hours by Ingecon, with which I discover the power of the combination between HTML, CSS and Photoshop.


Personal achievements about the Adobe Suite

January 2010

I take advantage of the knowledge of the great team that was made up of image professionals, who open my eyes to the power of the Adobe Suite applied to web development. Since that time I have been acquiring new skills in the suite through some very fashionable tutorials lately. 😉


jQuery comes to my life

September 2011

The first of my advanced courses, Master in jQuery: Or, something strange for not knowing previously JavaScript Native but what causes me to get enough attention to later increase my knowledge about technology. It is when I start to give life to the elements of the web, and get the web to start looking as close as possible to a mobile application.


And I fully enter JavaScript

September 2012

After seeing what jQuery can do, I set out to have the Master in Native Javascript, by EscuelaIT, which applied to the job offer of the moment makes my entry into the profession, safer, and so it was, I spent the savings on that online course and in a matter of 3 weeks I found work doing graphics! with “HighchartsJS”, I still remember them.


Learning nonstop

Since January 2013

Having verified how useful some knowledge about web technologies are, I decide to train with a stack that I trust and the future shows me that they were the best choice. Through Platzi I have learned to learn different programming languages ​​and philosophies and then apply them on a daily basis, some of the certifications that I have completed to date are: NodeJS, AngularJS with IONIC, IONIC2, ReactJS, Vue2JS, Electron among others


A slight step to Microsoft technologies

Since 2013

Thanks to the corporation where I worked, Birchmangroup, I was able to attend several courses of about 250 hours and practices applied to the project with an advanced ASP.NET MVP and WEB API courses


A customer need

In 2015

Since the client needed to apply functionality to a model made in HTML5, we had to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to reuse all the code that we did at the time of the construction of Backend and Frontend. The technology to be used was decided by the Frontend team and began a self-taught training on the framework until the end of a production front currently with new developments.


The best way to organize tasks

In 2015

Assigned to a client in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, belonging to the banking sector, I attend the course on “SCRUM: Agile Work Methodology”.

This methodology was used throughout the development of the project while 2 platforms were developed with Back in Java and Front end with BackboneJS.


I get into SAP

February 2016

Given the request for the migration project of 2 major international B2B brands in the retail sector, I attend the advanced course of SAP Hybris to deal with the different customizations that SAP Frontend entails


Applying Digital Marketing Techniques

February 2016

Due to the growing customer request from Bigpyx of new potential customers through search engines and social networks, I face the training of Google Academy now Google Skills for Ads.

I get the 6 certifications about Google Ads.

I apply good practices in the management of Facebook Ads.


Combining several technologies with a clear idea

February 2016

Based on the idea of ​​offering design, hosting, web, social media management, 24/7 customer support via WhatsApp, attention to potential customers through Facebook Ads campaigns.

I get the idea about a new and robust architecture in the Google cloud that includes all the services to offer them to a single client.

Google Cloud allows me to host through Docker and Kubernetes, CMS of the WordPress type with the necessary services for the connection of a very high volume of users.

A more complex configuration for significant savings in time and money on the management of all company systems. 🙂











Frameworks JS








SAP Hybris




The MVP arrived


Creativity and Technique

My key strengths

Whether through advanced courses, educational pills, tutorials or simply the advice of a work colleague, it has been and is the way I keep up and solve some specific issues … of those you look around and nobody you can help 🙁

It’s time to show the technologies that I feel most comfortable with today. Each one of them are so many hours of trial and error, with many frustrations but with even more joy in solving the different challenges that I have proposed and the best ones I have encountered along the way.

This is only a list of the knowledge acquired so far, but this has only been the beginning … 🙂

Check out my repositories in Github
Node JS
Adobe Suite

I'm interested in


The best way to relax

Diving up to 20m.

If there is something that makes me feel relaxed, it is to take my diving equipment and jump into the water in any tropical place. This can not be missing after a great effort working 🙂

Nothing like flying in the first person

FPV Drone Flight

A mixture between relaxation and adrenaline for the landscapes that can be seen. A good escape route for the weekend that makes me enjoy nature in a different way.

I love speed


Without a doubt the most fun of my hobbies, nothing like getting on a go-kart and feel full speed on a circuit. Adrenaline guaranteed. Does anyone challenge me to a career? 🙂

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